Whose teeth? Your teeth? Get away!

If you have lost a tooth or two, or even all of them, you will know that there’s nothing worse than having to go through life with replacement teeth that people know instinctively are not your own. We have amazing radars when it comes to physical abnormalities. Most of us can spot a fake anything from a long distance, and then somehow we get fascinated by them and find it hard to tear our gaze away, even though we know we are being rude by staring.

If your replacement teeth have caused stares, or you dread this scenario (and who doesn’t?), then in Elsternwick, dental implants could be your answer.

What makes dental implants so different?

At My Smile Clinic in Elsternwick, dental implants are different from other methods of tooth replacement because they are only way of replacing the tooth as well as the crown. Bridges rely on being fixed to neighbouring healthy teeth to provide the support required for chewing. This doesn’t sound too bad, until you realise that those teeth have to be ground down to become buttress crowns for the bridge and can never again be teeth in their own right. Dentures rely on adherence to the gums, but the gums recede and the jawbone shrinks as soon as there are no teeth to stimulate cell renewal. This is how once well-fitting dentures become loose and wobbly.

Dental implants in Elsternwick, on the other hand, rely on being firmly anchored, like natural teeth, into the jawbone. They are the nearest thing to natural teeth on the market and being anchored in the jaw means they can withstand all the chewing force you can throw at them. With dental implants you can eat whatever you like.

The crowns are made from porcelain that is custom-made to match your natural teeth in size, shape and colour. It will look the same, and it will stay in place when you laugh, talk or eat. No one will know these are not your teeth, even when they kiss you. All this, plus the knowledge that your implants should last for the rest of your life. What’s not to love?

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