Enhance your smile with smile makeovers in Elsternwick

A smile makeover can completely transform your teeth and address a number of cosmetic dental issues, no matter how big or small they are. Smile makeovers can have a significant effect on your appearance and self-confidence, not to mention your oral health and wellbeing.

At Mysmile Clinic , smile makeovers in Elsternwick are a combination of various cosmetic treatments. Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr Geeta Perks, will examine your gums, teeth and facial characteristics thoroughly, before proposing treatment options for your needs. She will then develop a customised treatment plan that addresses all of your cosmetic and dental concerns.

What does a smile makeover entail?

Smile makeovers in Elsternwick vary according to the needs of each patient. There are quite a few options available through our dental practice such as teeth whitening to brighten stained teeth, Cfast cosmetic braces to straighten crooked teeth, porcelain and composite veneers to give your teeth their natural white shape and to repair damaged teeth as well as porcelain crowns to restore chipped and broken teeth. Dental implants and bridges are also used to replace missing teeth, while laser gum contouring helps remove excess gum from your mouth, avoiding the effects of a gummy smile. Finally, we offer Botox and dermal fillers to eliminate the effects of ageing.

How long does a smile makeover last?

The duration of a smile makeover depends on various factors like your overall health and wellbeing, your dental condition, and also the type of treatment selected. Teeth whitening is the most short-lived cosmetic treatment, since the results can be seen over a three year period. Dental veneers can last between five and fifteen years depending if they are made of composite material or porcelain. Finally, dental implants are very durable and with proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Is it painful?

Smile makeovers are not painful. However, in certain procedures, a local anaesthetic is needed to numb the tooth and gum. All treatments are delivered with care and sensitivity to your needs. If you are too anxious about a treatment, we offer additional sedation options such as oral sedation and IV sedation.

To learn more about smile makeovers in Elsternwick, contact our friendly team today.

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