What your cosmetic dentist in Elsternwick can do for you

In recent years, the demand for cosmetic treatments has increased. This has resulted in a huge wave of new treatments becoming available for most cosmetic concerns patients may have.

Here at My Smile Clinic, we can even provide a full smile makeover, completely changing the look of your teeth. Having whiter, straighter and overall more perfect looking teeth can be a huge confidence booster.

Whatever your reason for wanting to see a cosmetic dentist in Elsternwick, My Smile Clinic has you covered, with our wide range of treatments.

Teeth whitening: getting that extra sparkle

The most common reason people seek a cosmetic dentist in Elsternwick is our teeth whitening treatments. Teeth whitening is so popular as a treatment because it can give fast, cost-effective results.

There are two types of teeth whitening we offer at the clinic. The first is Zoom! Teeth whitening system. Zoom! is the most popular treatment at My Smile Clinic and can be completed in an hour.

Zoom! uses a strong whitening gel that is activated by a special blue light in the dental chair. Some patients may need more than one session, depending on their desired result.

The other kind of teeth whitening uses a milder whitening gel that can be applied at home. Our cosmetic dentist in Elsternwick, Dr Geeta Perks, can manufacture tooth trays that will ensure that the gel has maximum contact with your teeth.

Teeth straightening: making the most of your natural teeth

Many patients are also concerned with the straightness and alignment of their teeth. In the past, the only option would be to have a traditional fixed brace, usually for a number of years.

Thanks to modern techniques, we can offer Cfast braces. Cfast concentrates just on the front six teeth that can be seen when smiling. By focusing just on these teeth, the treatment time is drastically reduced.

Treatment can be completed in just six months, depending on how much adjustment your teeth need. As well as looking better, straighter teeth are also stronger and easier to keep clean.

Most cosmetic dental treatments also come with health benefits, so they can help you look and feel great with your teeth for longer.

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All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Contact us for more information. Rebates may vary depending on your individual health fund.

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