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Everyone loves to look their best, but if your teeth are less than beautiful, then you may like to improve how they look with veneers. Elsternwick patients at Mysmile clinic have benefitted from veneers, which improve the appearance of teeth by hiding stains, covering damage or making teeth longer, wider or more even. Veneers are very fine sheaths of tooth-coloured resin composite or porcelain that cover the front teeth to give a brighter, more attractive smile. Porcelain is a good material as it resists stains and reflects light in a similar way to real teeth. This means that veneers look very natural.

What is the procedure when having veneers in Elsternwick?

The first stage when you have veneers in Elsternwick is an appointment in which we discuss what you would like to achieve. You can see a model of the predicted outcomes so you know what to expect. The next stage is to remove a very thin layer of enamel from the teeth to make space for the veneer to be fitted. An impression is taken of the teeth from which the veneers are individually made in a laboratory by highly skilled technicians. When they are ready, they are attached to the teeth using a special etching process and veneer cement. We will invite you back for an appointment to check that you are adjusting to them well but otherwise you can forget they are there and simply relax, knowing that your smile is gleaming. Veneers should last for around 10 years but, if they are well looked after, they can last longer.

What are the advantages of veneers?

When you have veneers in Elsternwick, the first benefit is an immediately enhanced smile. In fact, for people with thin enamel, veneers could be used to strengthen the teeth. If the teeth are cracked or stained then some people consider whitening but this only lasts for a few months. Veneers will stabilise the teeth as well as providing a surface which will not discolour over time.

See for yourself why having veneers in Elsternwick is a lasting investment in your oral health and appearance.

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