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Bleeding from gums when you brush is a sign of gum inflammation. They can also look red and swollen when there is gum inflammation. Most times there is no discomfort or pain. This early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. It is caused by the accumulation of dental plaque at the necks of the teeth where the gum meets the tooth. Left undisturbed the plaque can harden on the tooth and is called calculus. This happens when tooth brushing is not done well or too difficult to do because of crowding. If left untreated, this can sometimes develop into a type of infection known as periodontitis, which affects the bone supporting the teeth. Periodontitis can be painless but can cause loosening of teeth and their eventual loss. Ten percent of periodontitis cases are caused by an immune defect and are unrelated to poor tooth brushing. It is important to have regular dental check ups to remove any calculus (hardened plaque deposits) that has built up and make sure that you are brushing well and to treat any gum disease early if present. The removal of any calculus on the teeth is called 'scaling'. This can be done by either a dental hygienist or your dentist.

To keep our mouth in tip-top shape, Dr Geeta Perks, dentist in Elsternwick, recommends you come in for regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments.



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